Workers Compensation


Fontes Law Group helps injured employees obtain payment of medical bills and temporary disability benefits. We also help injured workers receive the full amount of permanent disability benefits that they are entitled to receive, as well as other benefits provided by California Workers’ Compensation laws. We help employees who are fired or face other forms of retaliation because they were injured or made a workers’ compensation claim.
Any physical injury that occurs while working is likely to be covered by workers’ compensation, including:

• Back injuries caused by lifting
• Repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel
• Broken bones caused by slipping and falling
• Head and brain injuries caused by falling from a height
• Soft tissue injuries sustained in a traffic accident
• Eye injuries caused by flying shards
• Amputations caused by saws and other machines
• Chemical burns
• Internal injuries caused by inhaling toxic fumes
• Occupational diseases

Job-related stress and mental anguish can be covered by workers’ compensation in some cases. For example, an employee may be entitled to compensation for stress that resulted from:

• A sudden and unexpected event at work, such as an explosion
• Racial or sexual harassment in the workplace
• A long-lasting stressful situation in the workplace that is unrelated to good-faith personnel decisions (in other words, being passed over for a promotion is not usually the kind of stress that creates an entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits, but constantly being berated by a boss might be)

Emotional distress may also be a component of a disability claim if the stress resulted from a work-related accident.


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